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Success stories

When Yolanda lost her job last year, she spent months looking for a new one.

“I spent every day on the computer [applying for jobs] and just couldn’t find anything,” she says.

Yolanda could no longer pay her rent and began losing hope. Then she found E&ES at the City of Chicago’s South Chicago Community Service Center.

With the help of E&ES Employment & Income Specialist Elsa Perez, Yolanda didn’t just find a job—she found two.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she explains. “I go from not being able to find one job on my own to getting to choose.”

Yolanda says the decision was an easy one. She quickly accepted an administrative position with a mortgage company that offered the office environment she wanted.

“I liked the atmosphere and the supervisor,” she says.

Elsa feels the same way about Yolanda.

“I am very impressed with her,” she says, explaining that Yolanda came to her with all of the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

With previous experience in HR recruiting, Yolanda knew exactly what skills companies were looking for. But without a college degree, she found herself missing out on positions.

“It’s so hard out there; I see why some people just give up,” she says.

She credits Elsa as her motivation to continue.

“Her dedication was overwhelming to me,” Yolanda says. “She was always calling about potential jobs, always had something lined up for me.”

In addition to spearheading Yolanda’s job search, Elsa also helped revise her résumé and suggested she visit another E&ES location at the Chicago Workforce Center on the Daley College campus.

Yolanda took full advantage of its services. She attended a training session to learn some of the “Do’s and Don’ts” of the workplace and attended Job Club, where she learned about several potential positions. One in particular caught her attention.

With Elsa's help, Yolanda set up an interview with the empoyer.  She felt an immediate rapport with the hiring manager—who would soon become the boss she’s now pleased to have—and received an offer shortly thereafter.

Now that Yolanda is experiencing career success, she’s returning the favor by reaching out to others struggling to find a job.

“I’m referring a friend to Elsa [and E&ES],” she says.

And with the stress of job hunting behind her, Yolanda is turning to other goals, such as earning that college degree missing from her résumé.

After finding a job she loves in an economy like this, she says, anything is possible.

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